Cylinder Straightener

The BIANCO® STC2 CYLINDER STRAIGHTENER corrects diagonal and/or curved distortions.

A diagonal correction unit consisting of three idle cylinders and two/three curved cylinders that guarantees fabric distortion correction.
At the output of the correction systems is a reading bridge with highly sensitive optical sensors that are able to remotely detect eventual distortions in the fabric in order to adjust the correction systems. 

In the case of delicate or elastic fabrics, curved correctors can be motorized to accompany the fabric (MDC model) and a speed compensator can be inserted for syncing with tension control.

Thanks to its graphical interface, operation is easy and intuitive. The range includes several models that are designed based on the fabric and process type.

DIAGONAL FRAME – Three Idle Cylinders mounted on a pantograph guarantees perfect adjustment of curved distortions and adapt to any type of fabric

TWO CARVED CYLINDERS – Optionally, three Rubber coated cylinders guarantee perfect adjustment of curved distortions and adapt to any type of fabric.

READING BRIDGE – In various configurations: with fixed, mobile or scanning sensors, single-scan reflection reading or twin-scan reflection and transparency reading. The number of heads varies according to type of bridge and available machine surface.

SPEED COMPENSATOR – Positioned at the output on the reading bridge in case of light, delicate or elastic fabrics. Thanks to its special design, the tension of the fabric can be adjusted simply by changing the set point on the display.

Additional  Features

Diagonal Cylinder

Dragging Cylinder

Output Dragging Cylinder