Rope Opener Evotech

The Evotech lines for wet fabric facilitate the opening and slitting of rope tubular knitted fabric after washing, dyeing, and reprocessing.

Bianco® Evotech lines include:

The Bianco® Rope Opener line is used for the opening of both knitted and woven fabrics after bleaching, washing, dyeing, and reprocessing. It allows high working speeds and guarantees excellent results in terms of fabric opening without any manual intervention. The full height adjustable Fluo sensor automatically adjusts the centering of the fabric without the need for operator intervention. Two rubber-covered driven calenders pull the fabric through. The dancing roller at the exit guarantees perfect synchrony without elongation.

Main specification

overall dimensions L x H x W  material 

turntable diameter 

rollers width 

fabric width 

max mechanical speed 

max compressed air 

standard voltage 

installed power





padder rollers diameter 

maximum load foulard squeezing ambient temperature 


operator pannel  

control PLC 


stainless steel 

1700mm (on request 2000) 

from 2000 mm to 3000 mm 

from 1800mm to 3800mm 

120 m/min 

6 bar 

3x400VAC-50Hz or others on request 

10 kW rope opener 

20 kW with Padder 

28/47 kW with Vacuum System 

AC controlled by inverter 


503 kg/cm 

from 0° to + 55 ° (optional A/C for electrical cabinet) <75db(A) 

Schneider color touch screen  



depending on the configuration