Tubular Opener

The BIANCO® TUBULAR OPENER is a line for the treatment of tubular woven fabrics after washing and dyeing. It winds and relaxes the fabric rope and reduces moisture in the material without centrifuging.

 THE AIRBALLONING system and STRETCHER magnetic spreader guarantees minimum elongation even at high operational speeds.

DETWISTER – Used for removing any tension from the rope, it ensures optimum untwisting without elongation. Entirely made of Stainless Steel.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE FRAME – For drawing-in the fabric and normal maintenance to clean the detwister without using any ladder. It guarantees perfect operation at extremely high speeds at any height.

HIGH SQUEEZING PADDER – Extracts water from the fabric, in order to equalize the moisture over the whole height.

Additional  Features

Impregnation Padder

Hydraulic Platform for Trolley Rotation

J-Box Rope Squeezer