The BIANCO® B-KOMPACT 600 FELT COMPACTOR guarantees excellent shrinkage, improving the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics and additionally ensures an excellent handle.

LOAD CELL – Up to 7 Units are used in-line for motorization synchronization to ensure the smooth and tension-free running of the fabric.

STEAMER – Inserted before compaction, it increases the moisture of the fabric to make it softer. On input, a scroll roller guarantees the fabric opening.

INNOVATIVE SELVEDGE OPENER UNIT – Optimizes the introduction of the fabric onto the shoe.

TWO COMPACTION FELT – OF 21mm thickness and in 100% nomex® with Teflon Shoe to guide the fabric in. The Teflon shoe, with variable incidence, guarantees maximum compaction according to the type of fabric. The 600mm diameter cylinder has a contact surface with the fabric of 270°. The drawing-in of the felts is controlled by four self-centering cylinders, one of which is coated in vulcanized rubber and dedicated to the movement of the felts while the second one ensures perfect tension.

PLAITER WITH COOLING CONVEYOR BELT – Following compaction, a perforated suction mat reduces the temperature of the fabric before being plaited

Additional  Features

Diagonal Cylinder


Dogal Centering


Cylinder Heated by Oil

Polishing Calendar