The BIANCO® T-KOMPACT 600 FELT COMPACTOR  guarantees excellent shrinkage, improving the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics and additionally ensures an excellent handle.

The use of steam heated large diameter (600 mm) cylinders, with optional diathermic oil, ensures high production speed with excellent shrinkage. A combination with the STRETCHER also allows for adjustment of the height of the fabric.

The T-Kompact 600, unique in its class, allows high production speeds with unrivalled fabric stability. Release of the fabric is possible by plaiter, precision plaiter with small roll, non-stop winder with small precision roll or packing line.

ENTRY – With a dragging roller to pick the fabric up from the trolleys and deposit it on a scray, managed by a photocell, and equipped with a platform to allow passage of the operator above the scray. A double humidifier can be inserted after the dragging roller.

STRETCHER MAGNETIC SPREADER – With two independent motors, facilitates the opening of the tubular fabric and adjusts the correct width by overfeeding it.

DOUBLE STEAMER – Inserted before compaction, it increases moisture in the fabric to make its fibers softer.

LOAD CELL – Up to 4 units are used for motor synchronization to ensure the smooth and tension-free running of the fabric.

TWO COMPACTION FELTS – Of 21 mm thickness and in 100% Nomex® with Teflon shoe to guide the fabric in. The Teflon shoe, with variable incidence, guarantees maximum compaction according to the type of fabric. The 600 mm diameter cylinder has a contact surface with the fabric of 270°. The drawing-in of the felts is controlled by four self-centering cylinders, one of which is coated in vulcanized rubber and dedicated to the movement of the felts while the second one ensures perfect tension.

PLAITER WITH COOLING CONVEYOR BELT – Following compaction, a perforated suction mat reduces the temperature of the fabric before it is plaited.

Additional  Features

Precision Plaiter

Small Precision Roll Winder

Packing Line

Diathermic Oil Heated Cylinders

Polishing Cylindar